1. Problems That Might Have To Be Fixed Before the Roofing Starts

    In the articles we’ve written, we’ve told you all about what can go wrong with a roof that causes it to need repair. Most of the time it comes down to two big problems: weather and age. Either a roof is damaged by high winds and hail, or the years have simply worn the roof away (which is really the weather and sun destroying it over time). So when we show up to take a look at your roof to disc…Read More

  2. 9 Things That Destroy Your Roof

      Roofs are pretty amazing if you stop to think about it. After all, they’re the first level of defense between you and everything that falls from the sky, and they do it all day, every day in every kind of weather. While we’ve touched on the subject of why roofing materials wear out, we haven’t gone over all of the reasons that you’ll eventually have to invest in new roof installatio…Read More