Which Roofing Requires the Soonest Roof Replacement?

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Mount Juliet

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Here at Bluebird Roofing, we deal in projects big and small. If you have a single shingle off your house, we’ll stop by and perform roof repair. If your gutters aren’t working as well as they once did, we can be there to handle your gutter installation. And if your siding has been on so long that it’s starting to crack and allow the elements to get to the interior layer of your house, we can take care of that as well.

Still, you won’t be surprised to know that full-on roof replacement is the most common of the large tasks we perform for homeowners in the area around Mt. Juliet. Eventually, every home needs its roofing replaced, and we’re ready to take care of it. Even the toughest of roofing options, such as slate roofs, can succumb to certain damage. Let’s take a look at how each of the types of shingles we install hold up.


Asphalt Shingles – When they’re new, asphalt shingles hold up well against most weather, including heavy winds and hail. It’s when they start to wear away due to continued rain and hail hits, after around 10-15 years, that they fail more often.

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Standing seam metal roofs hold up very well to most weather, as long as they’re installed properly. (Install them wrong and expansion can lead to cracks and water pooling.) They’re also well-rated against hail.

Slate Shingles – Slate shingles will hold up better than anything else, laughing at decades or rain and hail. Because of their weight, they also do better against wind better than asphalt shingles. Still, a tornado that lifts a car isn’t going to have any problem with throwing around any type of shingle.

Cedar Shingles – Take a look at a barn that’s been standing for a hundred years and you can see how wood left outside can last. As long as cedar shingles are allowed to properly breathe and don’t get mold/fungus to rot them, cedar shingles are very tough.

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Asphalt – Asphalt shingles are the most susceptible to time, and by that we mean the cumulative effects of the sun’s heat, constant weather, and the expansion/contraction cycle. Over many years the surface granules break off and head down your gutters, leaving a less protective surface. You can expect to need roof replacement about every two decades, but higher-quality shingles can extend that considerably.

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Metal roofs last a very long time, around 50 years. They might fade a little due to the UV radiation from the sun, but the metal holds up. There may be some repair needed to the seams as the house settles.

Slate Shingles – As we mentioned in this article, slate shingles will last. Not to be morbid, but they’re going to outlast you! Time doesn’t have much effect on slate shingles, though on occasion some might become misaligned because a nail worked loose.

Cedar Shingles – When properly cared for, cedar shingles hold up to the elements surprisingly well. You can expect them to last longer than cheap asphalt shingles and approach the duration of metal roofs. However, they will require quite a bit of upkeep during that time.

There will always be advantages and disadvantages to every type of roofing, so the best thing to do is talk to the professional at Bluebird Roofing so that you can get that perfect roof. Find out more about roof replacement right here!


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