Upgrades You Can Make During Roof Replacement

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Mount Juliet

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When you’re having your roof replaced, you’re going to have some decisions to make. What color do you want, do you want to deal with insurance or should we, and when would be a good time for us to handle your installation?

But there are some additional upgrades that you might want to consider, ones that are worth it even if they’re not covered by your insurance. Some can save you money, while others are simply aesthetic. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common.

Upgrade the Roofing Material

There’s a good reason why asphalt shingles are the single most popular type of shingle in the country: they’re cheap. Now when you have to pay for a roof replacement, you might not think that they’re cheap, but compared to just about every other type of roofing out there, standard asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive. Luckily, they’re still robust enough to last up to 20 years of the weather.

But if you’re looking for something that will last longer — sometimes twice as long or more — and make your roof look even fancier, then you could upgrade your roofing material when you replace your roof. In every instance, the materials and installation costs end up being more expensive than asphalt shingles, but most people find that they’re very much worth it if they plan to stay in the house for long.

Slate shingle installation can provide what is perhaps the most beautiful of all types of roof coverings. Slate has been used on distinguished buildings, such as old churches across Europe, for hundreds of years. Slate shingles are considerably more difficult to install than many other types of roof, and it takes someone who has been properly trained to install them. One concern with slate roofs (as well as clay or concrete tile roofs) is that the added weight can be too much for a regular roof. Reinforcements will have to be made to the roof structure in order to support them.

If you have no interest in reinforcing the structure of your home just to support the weight of the above materials, the standing seam metal roofing might be more of what you’re looking for. It’s actually incredibly lightweight, so much so that you don’t even have to remove the old shingles before covering them with the metal sheets.


New roof installation can be a perfect time to add a skylight. When you have your shingles off, you have a clean slate (no pun intended) so that you don’t have to worry about tearing up perfectly good shingles and replacing them.

There are a few advantages of having a skylight in your home. First of all, you’re able to get natural light into rooms that might not otherwise have windows. This means that you can save energy on lighting; you won’t have to turn on the light in the bathroom just because you need to brush your teeth. Skylights are also nice because they allow you to look up into the sky when you relax, such as when you have one over the bed. And let’s not forget about the positive effects sunlight can have on your mental health, especially during the short days of winter. Increased vitamin D will also be a benefit of letting more light into your home.

One last aspect of skylights: they can actually increase your privacy. If you have neighbors that peep out of their windows and through yours, you can keep the blinds closed on your vertical windows and enjoy the light from the skylight instead.

Replace Your Gutters and/or Siding

If you take a look at our name, you’ll notice that we’re not Bluebird Roofing. We’re actually much more, because we can also tackle your siding and gutters as well. Why do those three aspects of the home go together so well? For one thing, those are the three parts of the home that are most likely to be damaged during a hailstorm. Roofs and siding also tend to start giving out at about the same time, despite the material they’re made from being vastly different.

So, when you get your new roof installed, why should you consider vinyl siding installation or gutter replacement at the same time? Like we said, they might all be damaged by the same hailstorm or strong wind. But you also have to consider the time and energy you have to put into having your roof replaced. If everything can be done at the same time, you only have to have a couple of days of inconvenience instead of a day or two this year, two more next year, and another in five years. Take care of it all now and you’ll probably be done for the next 20 years.

You also only have to deal with a single company (us), and you might only have to deal with your insurance company once. And when it’s all done, you’re going to think you have a completely new home every time you pull into your driveway!

Improve Your Roof’s Ventilation

If you’ve ever been up in your attic in the middle of summer, you know just how quickly it can cause the sweat to run down your face. And while you might not be up there long, that heat is still causing you problems. How? The heat that can’t escape from your attic is working like insulation, preventing the rest of the heat in your home from rising and leaving your home. That means your air conditioner has to work a lot harder. Not only is that costing you money in cooling costs, but it puts more wear and tear on your air conditioning unit.

Having your shingles replaced is a great time to increase the amount of ventilation on your roof, Whether that means ridge vents or another attic fan, you’ll be able to circulate air better in your attic, and that means less heat trapped directly above your head. Adding better ventilation now could make your air conditioner last additional years.

If you’re interested in any of these upgrades, just let us know. We can usually take care of them ourselves, or find the right person who can. Questions? Contact Bluebird Roofing today!


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