Problems That Might Have To Be Fixed Before the Roofing Starts

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Mount Juliet

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In the articles we’ve written, we’ve told you all about what can go wrong with a roof that causes it to need repair. Most of the time it comes down to two big problems: weather and age. Either a roof is damaged by high winds and hail, or the years have simply worn the roof away (which is really the weather and sun destroying it over time). So when we show up to take a look at your roof to discuss whether it needs roof repair or replacement, we’ll be looking at the shingles. But we’ll also be taking a look at other aspects of your roof to discern any other problems we can.

However, there are problems that we might not discover until we start taking up the shingles, problems that might have to be addressed before we can put your new shingles on. Let’s take a look at some problems that might delay a typical roofing replacement.

Rotten Decking

If a roof goes too long without roofing repair, there’s a chance that the waterproofing roof felt has become damaged and allowed water to seep into the roof decking. The part that’s exposed may well be fine, because the sun is going to dry it out and prevent the mold. It’s the parts that you can’t see, such as the parts where the water flowed down, that might be rotten.

Sometimes we can see those low spots during our inspection, or we might be able to feel the roof giving way underfoot where it shouldn’t. But most of the time this will come as a surprise to us and the homeowner. It’s important to get that plywood or other roof decking replaced to get rid of the mold and retain the structural integrity of your roof.

Rotten Rafters

One step worse than rotten decking are rotten rafters. If the roof decking has allowed water through, then it can leak in and cause your rafters, aka “the part of your house actually holding up your roof,” to fail.

While rotten plywood can be removed fairly easily, rafters are a completely different story. They make up a significant portion of your house. If we find that they are rotten, expect the repair to take considerably longer than originally estimated. The threat of rotten rafters are one reason that it’s important to call someone for roofing repair as quickly as possible when there’s damage to your roof.

Bad Flashing

Here’s one that we can see and will have to be replaced. One of the most important goals of flashing is to properly channel water, but when it fails it could lead to the problems listed above. It could let the water under the shingles, or it could cause excessive wear on the shingles by allowing water to pool. We’ll make sure the flashing is properly installed this time, even if it wasn’t before.

Dented Roof Fixtures

If you’re having your roof replaced because of hail damage, it’s very likely that many of the extras that are on your roof will be replaced as well. Most of these are vents, but it can also include items such as attic fans. Before the new roof goes on, we might be replacing these items, depending on the damage they’ve suffered.

Chimney Collapsing

If you have an older home, there’s a good chance that it has a chimney. Unfortunately, chimneys tend to fall apart over the years, due to the masonry cement giving out. You might not even be using your chimney, but you still have to deal with it before it becomes a danger to you and those who might be in your yard. The next storm could be the one that brings it down.

When it comes to chimneys, you have choices to make. If you’re not using it, you could go ahead and simply have it removed. This would include taking down the external components and then replacing the decking that used to surround it. At that point you could leave the remaining part of the chimney in your attic and have it sealed up, or have it removed from the attic entirely. If you decide to remove your chimney, make sure you never use your fireplace again…the consequences could be disastrous!

If you are still using your chimney with your wood-burning fireplace, you’ll have the choice or repairing or replacing it. We can coordinate with the mason in order to ensure that everything is happening in the order. You could also have the brick chimney replaced with a more modern version that won’t require upkeep. It all depends on how much you want to retain the integrity of the home’s original appearance.

Roof installation and repair is usually a pretty straightforward process, but sometimes problems pop up that must be addressed before we can move forward. The good thing is that we’ll help you with the process to ensure that your home is protected. Contact us today to get everything started!


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