5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Roofing Company For Roof Installation

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Mount Juliet

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13179408_925514977566262_7175875826505427428_nIf there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that roofing isn’t something to take lightly. After all, a roof protects everything that’s under it, and that’s most everything you own. We take our job as professional roofers seriously because we know exactly how important it is to our customers, and that’s why we encourage everyone we know to go with professional, licensed roofers instead of doing it themselves. Why?


Safety should come first and foremost on every roofing job. We have the right equipment to get to every part of the roof and perform the work safely. We’re also very skilled at working on roofs because we do it every day and are trained in the best ways to keep ourselves and our coworkers safe.

If you try to take care of your roof repair or installation yourself, you’re putting your health and safety at risk. Maybe even your life.


If you have friends over and one falls off the roof, it’s likely you’ll get sued. Sure, you’re friends, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll value your friendship over getting help with their medical expenses. Even if you have insurance for anyone who steps on your property, it’s going to cause years of legal problems and expenses that will outstrip the cost of getting your roofing taken care of professionally in the first place.


Whatever you do for a living, you’re better at that job than we are. And when it comes to roofing, we hope you won’t be offended when we say that we’re better with shingles than you are! We do this every day, honing the craft with every house. Like we said before, we know that a new roof will be protecting not only everything you own but is also the largest physical investing you’ll ever make. A properly installed roof will prevent leaks, which can prevent mold, which can protect your family from a host of respiratory problems.


So, how much time do you spend reading your city’s building codes? Do you check them constantly to ensure that you won’t miss something? We do, and we know what’s changing in the codes so that we can make sure there’s nothing missed. Installing the roof incorrectly yourself could cause you to have to have it completely re-shingled before you are legally able to sell your home.


Performing roofing installation every day roofers-1means that we get incredibly efficient. Because we work as teams and have the right equipment, we can take care of a basic asphalt shingle installation in just a couple of days once we get going. Speed and efficiency are important when dealing with the weather, because you don’t want certain parts of your home exposed for too long.

Put all of these reasons together and you have quite the argument against trying to take care of your roofing installation yourself. We want to help you protect you home, and a well-installed roof is a great start. When you’re ready to get the best roof installation around, contact the roofers who can handle the job. That’s Bluebird Roofing.




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