3 Steps To Take When Your Roof Gets Damaged

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Mount Juliet

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While our state is inland enough to avoid hurricanes, Tennessee suffers from around 25 tornadoes a year. And, like most states, our roofs can also suffer from hail damage. That means that certain areas are going to get hard, and most houses in that area are going to get damaged. Siding, gutters, and especially roofs are going to need repair, and everyone is going to need it at once. What should you do when major damage occurs?

Contact Insurance

After a major weather event, it will probably be difficult to get through to your insurance agency. Keep trying, because they need to know that you’ll be making a claim. Leave them a voicemail, but also be sure to talk to someone at the agency and be sure to get their name.

If you can’t get through to your local agency, be sure to call the national agency. Your insurance agent is so busy because the disaster happened locally; the national company won’t be so inundated with calls.

Contact a Roofing Company

Contact a Roofing Company. If your roof has been damaged by a weather event, it’s likely that your neighbor’s roof, and their neighbor’s roof, and their neighbors’ roofs have all been damaged as well. You want to get on a Roofing Company’s schedule as soon as possible, because if they only have one team then they can only get to one house every couple of days. Even if they have five teams, it could still take a while before they get around to you if you’re low on their schedule. After all, the whole town needs help.

Unfortunately, tornadoes and hail don’t announce themselves days in advance like hurricanes can. While areas of the country that are repeatedly hit by hurricanes might have ordered shingles and gutters in the days when a hurricane was still a tropical storm, a surprise tornado could cause a shortage of roofing supplies for hundreds of miles.

Install Emergency Roofing

After a big storm or tornado, the roof should be protected. We know, we know, we’ve been telling you not to get up on your roof and try to handle things yourself. And if you’re uncomfortable up there in any way, don’t try it; we suggest hiring a general contractor to take care of putting something on the roof that will prevent any more damage from getting done. Sometimes roofers will come around for an hour to install emergency roofing and then return a week or two later to put on the actual roof.

When your roof is damaged it’s going to start leaking, something that has to be stopped. (Here are the reasons you want to stop that as soon as you can.) If a roofer can’t get around to your entire roof for a while, temporary roofing should be installed, especially if more rain is on the way. These are usually blue tarps that are wrapped around and screwed to 1 X 3 boards, and then the boards are nailed to the roof. While the blue tarps aren’t pretty and won’t do much to protect your attic’s thermal envelope, they will keep the rain from doing any more damage to the inside of your house.

Nobody likes getting caught in the middle of an emergency. It’s always easier if you get your roof inspected, have plenty of time to choose your new shingle color, and schedule your roof replacement for weeks out. But after a huge weather event, you just don’t have that opportunity; everything has be to be done now! Bluebird Roofing will be there for you when you need a new roof, and we’ll work with your insurance to make it happen. Contact us the moment you need us!




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