If you’re looking for a roofing contractor who can get your roof installation taken care of quickly and efficiently with top-of-the-line quality materials and craftsmanship, then you’re looking for Bluebird Construction. Our team is ready to help you with your roof and gutter repair, as well as deal with your insurance company as needed by providing insurance claims assistance. Here are just a couple of our our top-tier employees.

Justin Rogers is the owner and founder of Bluebird Construction. Justin started with acquiring his real estate license in 2005, then quickly gravitated toward remodeling and new infill development projects in urban Nashville. With the housing market crash in the late 2000’s and bank interest for speculative construction waning, Justin started contracting repairs based on insurance claims in 2010.

Justin quickly realized that insurance companies consistently pay out as little as possible, often encouraging unnecessary shortcuts and compromises. He then concluded that homeowners need a quality general contractor who understands the insurance claims process and fights on their behalf for correct coverage of any and all damages plus ensures current building code upgrades (e.g., Ice and Water and Drip Edge) are followed.

Rob MacAllister is the Exteriors Expert for Bluebird with 4 years experience in the contracting side of insurance claims. He is the liaison between the homeowners and  insurance company throughout the entire process. Rob inspects the roofing and all exterior components of the house prior to and again with the insurance adjuster to ensure that ALL damage attributable to a storm event is covered for the benefit of the homeowner.

Rob has a son and a daughter, and they live right here in Mt Juliet. He can be reached on his cell at 615-499-1984.

Cindy Carson is the Office manager at Bluebird. Cindy has lived the majority of her life in the Gladeville/Mount Juliet area and graduated from Mount Juliet High School. Spending most of her career in the healthcare management field, she decided on a career change and found  herself here with us at Bluebird. Cindy prides herself on being organized and helping our customers with any issues they may have when they call us. She loves the people she works with, enjoys being the voice on the phone and talking and getting to know our customers.

Cindy has one daughter and teenage twin boys, one grandson and her dog, Pearl, who is just like her child!

You can always count on hearing her friendly voice, when you call Bluebird Roofing!