In our previous blog we responded to a customer who was commenting on how clean everything was after we finished their roofing and left their home. We’re quite proud of the work we do to clean up a job site when we’re done on a gutter, shingling, or siding installation, because we know very well that you want your house looking as good at ground level as it now does at roof height.

But how much mess can a single job create? Quite a lot, actually! Let’s take a look at where the mess comes from and how we take care of it.

Where’s The Mess Come From?

The biggest mess comes from the removal of the old materials on the home. There’s a lot of siding on the average home, and unfortunately most siding isn’t recyclable. Gutters, on the other hand, or usually made of aluminum and are highly recyclable (even the steel spikes that support them).

Still, there’s no type of work we do that creates more of a mess than roof replacement. It’s pretty quick work to take the old shingles off, since we don’t have to preserve them in any way. We scrape them off and toss them in the dumpster; they might be petroleum-based, but there’s really no good way to recycle them. Of course there’s all of the roofing nails that go with it, as well as the waterproofing and flashing. Things might get a bit messy in your yard, but don’t worry, we’ll be taking care of it. Still, there are more messes to come.

Making Things Better…

…still makes a mess! Even if we’re not replacing anything, like when we’re working on a new home, there’s still a mess that occurs during siding, roof, or gutter installation. With roofing there are scraps of waterproofing materials, corners of flashing, and the trimmings of shingles. With gutters, there might be scraps left over as they are trimmed to size. For siding, there are the trimmings from the siding itself and the mounting hardware. Of course, all of these produce smaller bits of waste as well, including price stickers, empty nail boxes, and the odd tool that might break during the job. We always recycle what we can and dutifully throw away everything else.

The Fine Touch

Once the mess from the old roof is gone and the mess from the new roof has been cleaned up, we’re not done yet. It’s time to clean up the smaller stuff. We’ll send the magnetic roller over your grass and rocks to ensure that we’ve gathered up any nails that might have fallen. We’ll also send our workers around to pick up the small pieces of trash that were created during the job.

Can we get absolutely every last tiny bit of trash that’s created? We do our best to, but the fact is that some of it is hiding. A piece of shingle the size of a matchstick might slide between two rocks, and you’ll probably pass it by 20 times before you finally see it. Weeks later the first rain will wash off some of the grit from the shingles, overage that protects shingles during transport. A nail that was hiding in the gutter might also be washed down. Check your downspouts after the first few rains for nails.

We want to leave your property looking as good as possible when we leave. Considering the new roof or siding you have, we guarantee it will look even better. Contact Bluebird Construction today.