In our most recent article, we detailed some of the better arguments for not tackling gutter repair and replacement on your own. After all, gutter installation can be a dangerous task…in addition to the obvious injury you can suffer from falling from such a height, you also have to worry about what you’re going to hit on the way down, as well as what might fall on you after you reach the ground. We also discussed the injury you can experience due to the sharp nature of both the gutter cutting tools and the sharp edge that aluminum and copper gutters have when they’re being installed. Moving away from the gruesome talk, we talked about money and how you’re not really saving that much; buying in bulk ensures that we can get you a better deal on gutters than you’ll find elsewhere. Finally, we talked about the difficulty of working with gutters; while they might be strong once their up, their lightweight nature means they’re difficult to get home safely and hard to work with because they’re so easily dented and bent.

But those aren’t the only reasons you have to consider when choosing whether or not to install your own gutters. Here are a few more reasons that you should contact a professional gutter installer when it’s time for gutter replacement.

Gutter Pitch

Gutter pitch is an incredibly important part of gutter installation. After all, gutters don’t just catch the water that’s coming off your roof; they transport it to a safe location so that it’s not running off your roof in the wrong place. Gutter pitch ensures that the water is heading toward the downspouts instead of pooling in the wrong place. This is a big concern if you want to reduce the mosquito population.

What’s the worst-case scenario when it comes to gutter pitch? Well, let’s say that you have a bow in your gutter and the water is pooling at that bow instead of heading to the downspout. All of the water that’s collecting can weigh a lot, which could actually cause you gutter to buckle under the weight. You’re now minus one gutter.

But wait, there’s more trouble on the way! All of that water had to go somewhere, which means that it all hit the ground underneath. During a flash flood situation, that water and everything else that’s coming off your roof could start to wash away the foundation around your house. And if the lightwell into your basement just happens to be under the gutter that failed, it could fill the entire lightwell and flood your basement.

You Can’t Get Seamless Gutters Or Copper Gutters

You can pick up the basic materials needed for basic gutter installation at your typical hardware. But if you’re looking for the absolute best gutter around, it requires tools that are beyond the reach of the average consumer. This includes seamless aluminum gutters and copper gutters, which are much harder to work with and require special tools.

No Guarantee or Warranty

When you get your gutters installed by a professional gutter contractor, you’ll most likely be getting a guarantee for the work they perform. So if something goes wrong in a few years, that guarantee will get your gutter repair or replacement taken care of for free. If you do it yourself, you’ll be taking care of the problem.

You also have to be careful with warranties when it comes to gutters. Some warranties on the materials are void if they’re not installed by a licensed gutter installers, so if you want the warranty intact it’s better to contact us.