Does Bluebird Roofing specialize in insurance claims?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our many years of experience working closely with our customers and their insurance companies, ensuring you get the roof repairs you need in a timely manner.

Do you only replace roofs?

No! At Bluebird Roofing, we do everything from roofing repairs to gutter installations, siding,drywall repair, and more!

How do I know if my roof has damage?

At Bluebird Roofing, we know it can be hard to determine if a storm was severe enough to cause roof damage. For this reason, our trained and certified roofers are prepared to come to your home and inspect your roof for even the tiniest amount of damage. After an inspection completed, if damage is found, we will work with your adjuster and insurance company to ensure your roof is fixed properly. You can find the inspection request form right here.

I don’t have a traditional shingle roof, can you still work with me?

Of course; Bluebird Roofing specializes in replacing and repairing a variety different roofs and we would love to help you with yours! This includes slate roofs, wood roofs (cedar shingles), and standing seam metal roofs.

All of my neighbors have damaged roofs because of a recent hail storm, can I just assume I do too then?

Not necessarily; more often than not when a big hail storm hits, it’s not just over one house, so the chances of you also having some sort of damage is likely. But all roofs wear differently and are made of different materials. If you’ve had your roof replaced more recently than your neighbor, your shingles may be just fine. Keep in mind that just because you don’t see leaks, that doesn’t mean you are in the clear. It’s always a smart decision to get an inspection after any large storm just to make sure to see if you have roof damage.

Will my insurance policy cover a roof replacement?

The answer to this question depends on the policy that you currently hold. Call us today at 615-758-9101 and speak with one of our qualified team members who can take a look at your current policy for a more personalized answer.

We have no damage to our siding, but we’d like something new. Can Bluebird Roofing help us?

Most definitely! Vinyl siding installation on your home or commercial building can not only give your space a facelift that increases the property value, but also help to ensure protection against environmental changes. It is never a bad idea to get new siding installed.

If my gutters are leaking does that mean I have to get brand new ones?

No, if you notice a small leak in your gutter there is a chance all you need is some small gutter repair. Depending on the damage, we can determine what will be your most affordable option.

We recently took a light fixture out of our ceiling and now there is a huge hole. Can this be fixed?

Bluebird Roofing provides all of our customers with drywall repairs, replacements, and installations. So yes, that hole in your ceiling is no problem for us to patch right up!

Do I have to get an inspection to claim damages on my insurance policy?

Yes, although it would be a much quicker process to just say you know there is damage, we must first inspect your roof so we can tell how bad it really is. Don’t worry though we will help you take care of the necessary documentation from start to finish.