1. Why You Should Never Delay Fixing a Leaky Roof

      A couple of months ago one of our workers told us about a shingle he found in his driveway after a windy day. Since his shingles look like most of the others in his neighborhood, and since he knows roofs, he got up on his roof and took a look around. He knew that he shouldn’t be having any problems, because, since he’s in the industry, he keeps his roof in pretty good shape. While he was up…Read More

  2. 9 Things That Destroy Your Roof

      Roofs are pretty amazing if you stop to think about it. After all, they’re the first level of defense between you and everything that falls from the sky, and they do it all day, every day in every kind of weather. While we’ve touched on the subject of why roofing materials wear out, we haven’t gone over all of the reasons that you’ll eventually have to invest in new roof installatio…Read More

  3. Problems That Might Have To Be Fixed Before the Roofing Starts

    In the articles we’ve written, we’ve told you all about what can go wrong with a roof that causes it to need repair. Most of the time it comes down to two big problems: weather and age. Either a roof is damaged by high winds and hail, or the years have simply worn the roof away (which is really the weather and sun destroying it over time). So when we show up to take a look at your roof to disc…Read More

  4. How A Roofing Contractor Has To Interact With Insurance Companies

    You won’t be surprised to learn that many of the roofing jobs, gutter repairs, and siding installations we perform are paid for by insurance companies. After all, hail damage and high winds can cause severe damage to roofs, and it only makes sense that homeowners want to make what might be one of the few claims they ever make on their homeowners insurance. Here’s one of the best parts about ge…Read More

  5. What Could Go Wrong With Your Roof? Roofers Know

    Your roof is the first level of defense against the elements: rain, snow, rain, sleet, hail. And because it’s out under the sky all day, every day (and night), it should come as no surprise that things can go wrong with it. Add to that the fact that the variety of weather we get here in Tennessee and it’s no surprise that roofing repair is in everyone’s future. Of course, there’s also the …Read More

  6. What People Are Saying About Your Local Roofer

      We admit it...we like talking about roofing. It’s our business, and whenever anyone calls us up we’re more than happy to discuss the roof repair or installation they need. And here’s something else we’ll admit...we think we’re pretty darn good at roofing. We hire the best roofers available so that more people can experience an amazing roofing experience that comes off without a hitch.…Read More

  7. The Many Materials a Roofing Company Uses

    We’ve written about roof repair and roof replacement, how to pick the best roofer, and the ways that a roofing company can work with an insurance company to repair your home. But one thing we haven’t discussed are the many types of roofing materials that are used during new roof installation. Let’s take a look at the many materials that will be used when you hire Bluebird to put on that new …Read More

  8. Which Roofing Requires the Soonest Roof Replacement?

    Here at Bluebird Construction, we deal in projects big and small. If you have a single shingle off your house, we’ll stop by and perform roof repair. If your gutters aren’t working as well as they once did, we can be there to handle your gutter installation. And if your siding has been on so long that it’s starting to crack and allow the elements to get to the interior layer of your house, w…Read More

  9. Roof Repair Tops the Homeowners Insurance Claims List

    There are fewer homes damaged by fires than ever before in the United States. Cell phone towers, tall businesses, and light poles are absorbing most of the lighting strikes. Central heating has replaced most fireplaces, and electric lights have replaced many candles.Smoking rates have dropped, meaning that fewer people are falling asleep with lit cigarettes. Very few of us will ever make a claim o…Read More

  10. Are Slate Shingles The Type of Roofing You’re Looking For?

    Say the words “new roof” and nearly everyone you talk to will think you’re installing new asphalt shingles. After all, flexible shingles are the default roof covering in this country, and nearly everyone has lived under one at some time in their lives. Drive around whatever town you live in — Mount Juliet, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Murfreesboro — and nine out of ten, maybe 99 out of 100,…Read More