1. Top 7 Signs You Should Consider Professional Gutter Repair or Replacement

    In our most recent blog, we talked about the many reasons you shouldn’t ignore your gutter problems. After all, improperly-maintained gutters can cause problems like washing away the dirt from a house’s foundation or dumping water directly into a basement light well. Pooling water can also invite problems, providing mold with adequate moisture to take hold and giving mosquitoes a place to bree…Read More

  2. Why You Want To Stay Ahead of Your Gutter Repair

      There are some house repairs that you can put off. That small hole in the wall of the living room from mis-hanging a picture? It probably won’t cause you many problems. The ceiling fan that sways back and forth a little too much? It can probably be ignored for a bit longer. But there are other problems with your home that you should take care of right away. Most people know that roof repair s…Read More

  3. 3 More Reasons DIY Gutter Installation Isn’t a Great Idea

      In our most recent article, we detailed some of the better arguments for not tackling gutter repair and replacement on your own. After all, gutter installation can be a dangerous task...in addition to the obvious injury you can suffer from falling from such a height, you also have to worry about what you’re going to hit on the way down, as well as what might fall on you after you reach the gr…Read More

  4. 5 Reasons To Think Twice Before DIY Gutter Installation

    If you’re having trouble with your gutters, you’re not alone. Every house needs gutter replacement after a while, because everything gives out eventually. Sometimes the gutters become severely hail damaged, other times they become detached from the house. You don’t want to put off new gutter installation, because damaged gutters can lead to a host of problems (including foundation damage, be…Read More

  5. 3 Steps To Take When Your Roof Gets Damaged

    While our state is inland enough to avoid hurricanes, Tennessee suffers from around 25 tornadoes a year. And, like most states, our roofs can also suffer from hail damage. That means that certain areas are going to get hard, and most houses in that area are going to get damaged. Siding, gutters, and especially roofs are going to need repair, and everyone is going to need it at once. What should yo…Read More

  6. How To Stay Safe When Working Around Your Roof This Holiday Season

    Here at Bluebird Construction, we’re all about keeping you safe by offering you enticing prices on roof repair, gutter repair, and new siding. We really want to keep you off the ladder so that there’s no chance that you’ll get injured trying to fix your roof or gutter. (In fact, we recently wrote a blog with many reasons you shouldn't try to tackle roof or gutter repairs yourself.) But we kn…Read More

  7. 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Roofing Yourself

    Considering the complexity of a roof and how important it is for your home, it’s no surprise that most people are perfectly happy to have a roofing contractor take care of it for them. This is true whether you’re looking for roofing repair or an entire roof replacement, considering the risks that are involved. But what are the risks associated with roof repair? Why won’t most people even con…Read More

  8. Upgrades You Can Make During Roof Replacement

    When you’re having your roof replaced, you’re going to have some decisions to make. What color do you want, do you want to deal with insurance or should we, and when would be a good time for us to handle your installation? But there are some additional upgrades that you might want to consider, ones that are worth it even if they’re not covered by your insurance. Some can save you money, whil…Read More

  9. The Mess A Roofer Makes (And Cleans Up)

    In our previous blog we responded to a customer who was commenting on how clean everything was after we finished their roofing and left their home. We’re quite proud of the work we do to clean up a job site when we’re done on a gutter, shingling, or siding installation, because we know very well that you want your house looking as good at ground level as it now does at roof height. But how muc…Read More

  10. Responding To A Few More Reviews About Our Mt. Juliet Roofing Company

    A few months back we broke down a review that one of our customers sent us piece by piece so that we could respond to the many different aspects of our business they were commenting on. That one review was so packed that it ended up taking up an entire blog, so today we thought we’d come back and respond to a few more customers who have used Bluebird Construction, whether for roofing, gutter ins…Read More